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UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School

 West University of Timisoara 100aniRomaniaUVT FEAA IHRM Spring School


Employability and Talent Management in the Digital Era
– Best Practices

16 – 23 APRIL 2018


UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School is an international educational program that provides an unique space for learning and networking for students from Romania and their peers from all around the world. Here, distinguished speakers will contribute through diverse perspectives and experiences towards a better understanding of the HR and Talent Management topics covered, encouraging new thinking and inspiring debates.

This year’s UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School (IHRMSS) will take place between the 16th and 23th of April 2018 in Timisoara, Romania with the general theme Employability and Talent Management in the Digital Era – Best Practices.

The program aims to deepen and consolidate knowledge on Human Resource Management (HRM) from an international and practical perspective.

This edition will teach the elements of employability and talent management within a framework that uses concrete examples, real language, and an eye towards current application. Through successful completion of this edition of IHRMSS, participants should be able to:

  • show a basic understanding and knowledge of IHRM concepts,
  • demonstrate skills and tools enabling the concrete application of this knowledge to real issues of concern to companies,
  • gain experience in applying IHRM knowledge to issues relevant to international context,
  • develop their ability to critically analyze, assess and deal with the managerial and organizational implications of IHRM issues, at different levels of analysis,
  • use IHRM tools and adapt them to the international and cultural context,
  • experiment, share and adapt best practices in terms of IHRM.

The program will comprise lectures, debates and workshops touching on the IHRM. The participants will participate in experiential training sessions and will be able to develop innovative projects together. The curriculum addresses general issues and theoretical aspects of  Employability and Talent Management in an effort to offer a comprehensive image of the current HRM challenges posed by the trends on the new world of work.  

UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School  is credited with 2 ECTS credits.

UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School  enjoys the presence of academics from USA, UK, Romania, experts from multinational companies and other respected professionals. Aside from the educational program, participants will take part in a variety of social activities.

The Spring School’s target group is comprised of students currently enrolled in a bachelor’s and master’s program, recent graduates and young professionals, with interest in HR domain.

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