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Abdullah Lin

Message  to  the  participants  of  UVT  FEAA  IHRM  SPRING  SCHOOL  2018

“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant”

Robert Louis Stevenson

Prof. Madya Dr. Abdullah Lin

I wish my full encouragement and support for UVT IHRM Spring School 2018, Timisoara, a fascinating event in HRM domain which will be held on West University of Timisoara, in Romania.

A good learning program is always more than just an exchange of papers, ideas and networking. It is the experience of a common belief nicely expressed in a quote of  Mahatma Gandhi: “In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” The quote sounds over-optimistic but in fact, looking at history, many changes in history started by groups of committed and critical citizens taking an initiative for the common good. 

The UVT IHRM Spring School is an international program which contributed  to build a better world for all. In my view, I can assure you that nothing is more important in the present world than the striving for the common good which finds expression in the honest collaboration among individuals, peoples and nations.

The theme of “Employability and Talent Management in the Digital Era-Best Practices” is a creative way to explore the future. All of us know the important of talent in making organizational success. Yet, the talents we are nurturing for the future are people who are knowledgeable, skillful and can easily adopt and adapt with technoligical changes such as digital technology.

Therefore, I strongly believe this UVT IHRM Spring School will assist the nations to meet the current and future requirements. Let us build a better future for our students, their family and nations. And you, the participants of this program, are at the forefront.

Lastly , I would like to express my profound support to organizer, participant and anybody who are directly or indirectly support this superb program. 

Thank you and good luck!


Prof. Madya Dr. Abdullah Lin
Othman Yeop Abdullah Graduate School of Business
University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Maria Escat Cortez

Dear participants to the  UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School 2018, Timisoara, ROMANIA

Assoc. Prof. Maria Escat Cortez Ph.D.

Have you ever think about your talent?

And your digital talent?

Take this chance.

The best professional and professor will be available for you.



Assoc. Prof. Maria Escat Cortez Ph.D.
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain


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“Passion and courage” – photo album by LIGHEZAN ANDREEA:


by Andreea Lighezan


by Andreea Lighezan


by Andreea Lighezan


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by Andreea Lighezan


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by Andreea Lighezan

Videoclipul de prezentare al evenimentului “UVT FEAA IHRM SPRING SCHOOL 2018”