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Friendship without Frontiers


Álvaro De Ramos López


Hi everyone !

I am glad to send a short message to the participants of UVT FEAA IHRM Spring School 2018 Timișoara , 16-23 April TIMIȘOARA, ROMANIA. My experience at the West University of Timișoara was very enriching.

Both the teachers and the students helped me to adapt quickly and to include me in the day to day of the university, making me feel at home.

Interactive classes, debates, talks, conferences … all these were part of my training during the 5 months when I was studying at the University of Timișoara.

I really appreciate my time there as a fundamental part of my educational and personal development.

Álvaro De Ramos López
ALUMNI The University of A Coruña, SPAIN
Erasmus student at UVT, FEAA  in 2016

Alexandru Platonov

Alexandru Platonov - Erasmus student PolandFrom the professional training desire, better understanding of the human resource management and persistence in this field, I believe that any experience, story or idea about this domain could help you deepen your knowledge and prepare you for the world of human resources.

For this reason, IHRM Spring School is exactly where all these are gathered together! 

I wish you great success and beautiful impressions!

Alexandru Platonov
Student at West University of Timișoara